Some Pics from Mahadaga

After talking to Pastor Jim, our pastor at Home Church, about our missions trip to Burkina Faso, he decided to google the Medical Clinic in Mahadagatown we were going to – Mahadaga. He happened to come across a site from someone who had been on a missions trip to Mahadaga, probably with SIM. He posted a number of pictures, including pictures of the medical clinic, the terrain around the SIM compound, and the church. It was really cool to look at them, and I think it’s started to make the idea of the trip a little more real for me. I can actually picture a bit better where we may actually be going now. If you’d like to check them out yourself, go to his site here.

Another cool thing about this is the fact that the guy who posted these pictures, Scott Weaver, is a computer science professor from a college in the states. So, I’ve been able to e-mail him and find out his thoughts on what computer infrastructure and work is like over there. That’s been quite interesting, and helpful!