Why Peanuts and Raisins?

dsc_0211.JPGThe website name of Peanuts and Raisins was chosen because it’s a sort of “analogy” about Jason and I, and fits with the theme of differences complementing each other that was in our wedding invitation.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE raisins. Now, this isn’t just an “I eat them once a month” sort of love, but more like an “I go through 1 kg bag a week” sort of love! (It’s gotten to the point that whenever I visit Jason’s family or my own, a bowl of raisins is always awaiting me at the table when I arrive!) Unfortunately for Jason, this means he is stuck with the peanuts whenever we share any sort of trail mix…but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Now, in one of our sillier, crazier moments, we started to compare the two of us and our obvious differences, and related them to the differences between peanuts and raisins. For example, Jason’s stable, solid, dependable nature, sort of matches that of peanuts whose saltiness and texture remains ever consistent. Whereas, me and my burst of emotions and enthusiasm we can say matches that of raisins. I think we even started to say that Jason IS a bit of a nut at times with his random jumping up trees and over garbage bins…and I can be a bit of a fruit with my own sense of humor!

Our relationship is surely like the mixture of raisins and peanuts. We are opposite in so many ways but together, we complement each other. And, without the other, the mixture is not a complete picture. That is why we chose to call our site peanuts and raisins. Even though we’ve entered marriage with differences, even quite opposite differences, we see our differences as complementary. And, as we continually focus on our united purpose in marriage, and pursue the same goals, values, beliefs, and principles, we trust and believe that together we are better than we are apart.