We’ve moved!

So it’s official- we’re really doing this whole “moving to Africa” thing!  We finished packing up our place in Surrey and have put all our stuff in storage.  Currently we are living in abbotsford in my dad’s basement until the 18th when we are flying out!  Our move went really smoothly- cause we had lots of amazing helpers!  And the place is cleaned and I’m turning the keys back over to my landlord today.  Praise God that it went so well- everything fit in our storage locker!   We are still taking care of the myriad of details with the trip- but we’re getting there! 

If you need to contact us for any reason- please feel free to e-mail and we’ll give you our address or phone number!  Although- for all of you who received our missions letter- the address while we are away is on the bottom (that’s where all our mail is sent)