Travelling in Europe

Thank you to those of you who are continuing to keep us in your prayers and check up on how we are doing! After our time in Burkina Faso finished on April 26th, Shannon and I flew to Rome to travel through Europe for a few weeks before heading back to Canada. It didn’t cost extra on our flights to have the Europe stop-over, and we have wanted to see Europe for quite some time, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Our hope is that this will give us a chance to refresh and prepare for the transition back to life in Canada. It has also been a fascinating time of continuing to encounter new cultures and learn more about this incredibly diverse world God has created.

While we are travelling it is a little difficult to put pictures online, but we will be sure to post some when we are settled back into life in Canada. We’ll try to put some stories and highlights from our trip here too. We look forward to seeing all our friends and family in Canada when we arrive back soon!