When we first knew…

So our story of finding out about baby ibrink (the reason I’m calling baby ‘ibrink’ is because we had a hilarious conversation…we thought it would be funny to name the baby “Isaac” or something with an ‘I’ because we could call baby ‘ibrink’… okay so it’s not that funny but for some reason we can only think of silly baby names so it WAS funny at the time).

So…we were in a rental car, driving through France. For most of our adventurous time in Europe we did plan ahead a little bit and usually had a hotel etc reserved ahead of time. Well, we had been in Avignon and thought we’d find somewhere to stay and again, booked ahead of time, but just picked randomly. I thought, hey, it’ll be great- we’ll stay in Aix-en-Provence…sounds like a small place, and stay in a hotel there.
Well, we had a lovely day driving around the south of France, beautiful places…and it was getting late and dark so we headed into Aix-en-Provence. Did we have a map of the area? Nope. No worries, simple right? WRONG. We had no directions for the place, and no map and it was getting later and darker. The highways were huge. We drove around basically in circles getting nowhere…finally thought to go to the train station and see if there was a pay phone to call the hotel. No pay phone. We ended up banging on the doors of a car rental place who kindly gave us a map and directions.
We eventually found it but I was super frustrated and arghh the hotel wasn’t that great.
But nonetheless, it was the next morning when we were set to do the pregnancy test. I kinda knew it would be a plus because I was majorly late and had been tracking it…but sleepy and groggy-eyed, I stumbed to the bathroom early in the morning and…voila…baby ibrink.
I kept asking Jason if it was really a plus sign or if I was seeing things…he verified it.
But in Ontario, before telling family, since I was still in denial, we got another pregnancy test and took one there…and another plus (still I kept saying…am I really pregnant?)
Now, having seen baby ibrink for real on ultrasound and after 3 months of nausea, it’s starting to sink in.