Can baby be an excuse for grumpy-ness? I was just grumpy, mean nurse for four straight days but sometimes patients just kinda set you off. First it’s the arguing with you every time you tell them something, then it’s being compared to John Travolta’s son…? (“You know who you look JUST like?”) And then it’s the inappropriate comments about how my outfit or hair or whatever was more attractive yesterday than today… then it’s the questions “what’s in that purple bottle you have there,” “what kind of coffee did you buy?” and “do you think robots will take over one day?” I mean really? And then the need for entertainment “so does the hospital have a pool, where’s the cable guy?” DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?

arg. It’s either pregnancy hormones (which I’m really tempted to blame) or people are just C-R-A-Z-Y.