Week 14

These are my debut tummy shots at 14 weeks. Just starting to look a little pregnant.
I love hearing baby’s heartbeat- it’s always such a relief! Went to see the midwife today. All is well- except that they forgot about taking any bloodwork. Oops. Taking lots of vitamins and pills now as well as injections. Tummy is turning purple and I’m running out of parts to stab. BUT I don’t want Jason to do the injections cause I figure I’ll blame his technique for the pain…

Feeling better, but still tired and still peeing ALL the time. It’s my second home. I should start a craft project or something in the bathroom for pete’s sake!
Getting lots of ’round ligament pain’ little cramps here and there. Especially when I roll over onto my side in bed too fast.
Can’t wait to feel baby move!!
J and I are trying to think of a nickname for baby. Can’t come up with something. Nib was as close as we got but….don’t know if it suits her. YES I said her because that’s what I think the baby is…a she…but we shall see!