Well, we had our 20 week ultrasound today. I was really, really relieved to see that everything is going well and baby is healthy. Praise God for all your prayers. I was really becoming a basket case of worry over the last while and struggling with just giving up my concerns to God. I dunno, but I was just anxious all the time that something was wrong. OH man, is this what parenthood is going to be like?! AHHH. We did find out too that baby is growing too well in fact, bigger than average…I’m going to be huge before I know it! Baby weighs 12 ounces and just think how much bigger he/she will have to get over the next months. Yikes! We did find out what sex the baby is too, but for now it will be our little secret. We’ll tell a bit later maybe once we get used to the idea ourselves! Here’s a picture of our little cutie with his/her little turned up nose. CUTE! And I guess I haven’t felt kicks as much because the placenta is at the front of the uterus cushioning baby from the outside world. That explains it! Either that or baby is nice and calm like his/her father (sure hope so!)