Belly button

Had a super weird moment today…I looked down at my belly only to find that ‘pop’ my belly button looked super strange. I know it may look normal to some people, but truly, it has suddenly poked out more than normal. It even feels funny! Jason noticed it right away too. My body is definitely not feeling like my own anymore! Especially when lying in bed and all of a sudden it starts visibly moving from the outside. Crazy! I love that I can feel baby move more and more though.

Makes me think he’s going to be a ballroom dancing, soccer playing, gymnast! Yup, that’s right, HE.
P.s. it was a huge surprise! I thought for sure it was a girl- and I mean FOR SURE. I even bought this little cute pink dress and had a name picked out. When the doctor said it was a boy I was more than flabbergasted how my ‘baby sense’ got so mixed up. So, shhhh no telling my son that the first outfit I bought for him was a dress!