Placenta brain really does exist!

I seem to remember having a lightbulb idea of what I wanted to write about on here, but now have completey lost my brain again…it’s really becoming a losing battle. Placenta – 10, Brain -1. In fact, without scaring fellow nurses too terribly out there, I made a ridiculous medication error the other day and I can’t explain it except to say that I think my placenta took all my blood from my brain and I was left with a few cells to do my work. I walked clear into a different patients room, not really remembering that my patient was supposed to be a man, and gave a random woman patient my man’s medication. What was I thinking? I have never made such a blatant error but I figure my life is over as I once knew it. Is this what motherhood will be like? Forgetting things mid-sentence, walking one direction then realizing I should be walking the other, having blank-out moments when I am not really sure what is going on….yikes. Someone reassure me I’ll get my brain back post-child!!!