I’m smiling a lot today. Something about a starbucks coffee in hand, a bit of freedom, and some beautiful cherry blossom trees….

Parenting so far has given me a new appreciation for things, of which I am reflecting on today. Such as:
sleep. The sun seems brighter, the air fresher, the day better when I have a good nights’ sleep
a hot coffee or hot food. The other day I microwaved the same cup of coffee 3 times!
the sense of great accomplishment I feel when I finally complete an unfinished task. Be it folding a load of laundry, getting a chance to vacuum, or answering an e-mail, it’s always a feat!
grocery shopping. Who knew that getting out of the house for just an hour or so would be so exciting!
company. I have always been a social addict, but now more than ever I crave adult interaction. have never appreciated more just getting to go out for coffee with someone or have someone over for an afternoon.

I went for a walk today and reflected on how much I enjoy this time of life right now. My heart feels full. I love having a routine (never thought I’d say that) and getting a chance to go out and try new things. I joined a women’s bible study which meets, weekly. I am starting a mom and baby fitness class, weekly. I go to life group, weekly. I’m so thankful for canadian maternity leave where I don’t have to work shift work and can enjoy the ebb and flow of weeks, weekends, and all the everyday days, day after day, with my little love-able baby boy (who I can hear cooing in the other room right now!)
p.s. kisses. I am addicted to kissing my little boy’s round little warm cheeks.