Silas at 2months!

So what does a two month old DO?

Silas started smiling a number of weeks ago and smiles when I sing to him, or when Jason or I talk to him. I call his change table his ‘happy place’ because almost immediately after I place him there he starts smiling and cooing!
He has found his right hand and tries to suck on it (often shoving the whole thing in his mouth!). He has started batting at hanging toys and loves his new play mat I found at a kids used item swap meet. He likes his bath, after he gets used to the water, and loves sleeping in his swing, in the moving car, or on daddy’s chest, and enjoys going for walks with mom. He is a soother addict.
He is a LOUD crier and always cries when I try to burp him. And burp he does! Others have commented he burps like a grown man!
He spits up A LOT and we go through a ton of receiving blankets and sleepers. The other day I had to change my pants, my shirt (twice) and my socks (?) from all his spit up!
He is now getting distracted while eating and seems to LOVE looking at blinds (?)
His cheeks are nice and full and his tummy super round. He loves to kick and punch often his mom being the recipient. (Jason was shocked the other day to see how much he pummels me when he eats!) When is on his back he kicks a ton, and practically moves himself around because of his kicks.
He doesn’t like tummy time all that much, but is able to lift his head quite well. He enjoys playing by himself on the play mat and will sit there cooing and making noises until he is tired.
We can’t stop kissing his little head (which is now growing back a little more light brown hair) and we wonder what his eye colour will be as they still just look dark.
He has started sleeping a bit longer at night (yahoo) but still doesn’t really enjoy daytime naps. He rarely sleeps unless we put a blanket over his head as he just seems to want to look around and see everything!
It’s amazing to see how much this little boy has taken over our world after only 2 months!!!