My New Camera!

When I was a kid, there was one birthday where I got a new remote control truck. That stands out as one of the times I was most excited about a present. Well, this past birthday rivals that one. Shannon secretly talked to a bunch of friends and family, and asked them to contibute towards a gift that was too expensive for us to buy on our own – a new digital SLR camera!

We first bought the Canon Rebel XT from FutureShop. After talking to a guy at an actual camera store and doing some more research, though, we decided to return that and get the Nikon D40X instead. It was newer, was 10 Megapixels instead of 8, had a better warranty, a larger LCD screen, a better quality kit lens, a smaller, harder-to-damage memory card format, and was only $50 more. That seemed like a good deal to us!

On the Saturday of my birthday weekend Shannon and I went to Cresent Beach to go for a walk, and to try out the new camera. We ended up taking over 200 pictures! Here are a few of the better ones.

Jason at Beach

Sunset with grass


Sunset bench


Shannon sillouette



3 responses to “My New Camera!”

  1. Yeah. That big yellow monster truck remote control, right? I remember that one… That thing lasted forever…

    And nice pictures! Taking pictures is always fun… It’s just the looking through them afterward to find the good ones that’s kinda hard sometimes… 😛

  2. Gorgeous! And rock on with the D40 – that’s about as good as mine … well, better, since mine is currently broken. 😛 Can’t wait to see it, and you!!