Ahh, it looks like Christmas


We finally got a Christmas tree! We were a little late getting one, and it just didn’t feel like Christmas yet. After setting it up, I thought I’d play with my new camera and see how well it did taking pictures in REALLY low light, with the main lights off and just the Christmas lights on. And, it worked really well!


2 responses to “Ahh, it looks like Christmas”

  1. Yeah… That would definitly be fun… And, yes, it would be impacting in a way. But somehow… I want to do something like that one… What was it… 9-year old did, a campaign to get water to needy people in Africa, or something? I want to go over there and SHOW them…

    Someday… I hope…

  2. Very nice! The soft glow turned out beautiful! I like the lighting from the string of lights outside the window in the first photo, too.