New toys for summer

Guess what we got today?

dsc_0007.JPG dsc_0008.JPG

They’re sleek and fast… 

dsc_0005.JPG dsc_0011.JPG

New bikes! We’ve been wanting to get new bikes for a while, since it’s one of our favorite ways to exercise and explore. We’re hoping to enjoy some long bike rides this summer!

dsc_0001.JPG dsc_0016.JPG

3 responses to “New toys for summer”

  1. Yeah, we’re a lot more paranoid about these nice new bikes than we ever were about our old “garage-sale-specials”. We have to remind ourselves we bought them to USE them, though, so we can’t be too concerned… By the way, let us know if you want to borrow them sometime!

  2. Good stuff! I looks like you bought 2 different models? I love the photos (especially the one of the sprockets).