Our Visionary Leader

I’ve been thinking about God this evening. I’ve seen God in a number of ways before – as a Father, as my Rescuer, as the Almighty Creator, and more. And, as I think about those things, it reminds me of how great our God. But, my heart was thrilled in a new way tonight.

Have you ever watched Braveheart before? I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly inspired when I watch leaders like William Wallace. He had a big vision, and called men into it. He challenged them to make incredible sacrifices, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. That excites me – I love that kind of leadership!

Actually, I’m incredibly privileged to serve under a leader like that at my job. Leonard, the president at Power to Change, is an amazingly visionary leader. I get inspired every time I hear him speak. He speaks simply and humbly, yet calls us each into a mission much larger than ourselves. He dreams big, and challenges us to pour ourselves into something that really matters.

As I was thinking about this, I realized that my heart longs for leadership like this. I long to be called into a mission that is bigger than myself, that will outlast my own life. I desperately want to pour myself into something that will make a difference.

And suddenly, I realized that GOD is that kind of leader! I was blown away as I thought about it. I don’t know that I’ve seen God in that way before. And yet, He has a huge vision for drawing all peoples of the earth to Himself. He is leading the charge in a mission that is mind-bogglingly huge, that has been going on for over 6,000 years, and has involved literally millions of people. He is incredibly creative, and although He never changes, He always surprises us with the new directions He takes in this mission. He is orchestrating events, people, and even nations, as He continues to unfold His plan.

Not only that, but He calls us into this mission! I heard a statement today that stuck in my mind: if you are going to pour out your life into something, why not pour it into a gold goblet – not a paper cup. And yet, that is what so many people are doing. They are pouring out their lives into something that will crumple and vanish. But our Leader calls us into a mission that is truly worth pouring out every last drop of our life’s energy for. He is a King and Lord who is worthy to be followed!

God, may I be a good and faithful follower.

One response to “Our Visionary Leader”

  1. Woah… Good thoughts, I’m assuming Jay…

    I wonder if He’ll make a speech at the Battle of Armageddon… That would be something to hear…

    By the way… I went to Generation Conference down in Utica last week, Wednesday to Friday night\Saturday morning. You can check out details on my site, but yeah… I was definitely the coolest experience ever, without any exaggeration.