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“you know who that is don’t you?”

Friday, August 29th, 2008

My mom said something very profound the other day- and it helped me re-focus my vision for this missions trip.  I was reflecting on the difficulty of my job: caring (as a nurse) for people that are frankly not that easy to care for.  There are the patients that don’t do anything for themselves and just ring the call bell for ridiculous things- irritating everyone.  There are the patients that scream at us, yell at us, swear at us, hardly let us take their blood pressure, leave without completing their needed medical treatment…..there are those with deformities, disabilities and ugly conditions… the alcoholics and drug addicts, the depressed, and poor, the homeless and hairy… difficult it is to care for them, touch them, love them?  How much easier it is to care for the family that says “thank you” all the time.  To care for the family that gives you a card, honours the work you do, and well….are from middle class, well-to-do families.  But who is it that Christ ministered to?  He loved the unloved.  He touched the untouchables.  He healed the lepors and social outcasts.  He forgave the sins of whores and prostitutes.  It is my Jesus who loves like that.  I was talking to my mom about how I wanted to be like Mother Theresa “you see, she loved the social outcasts…she cared for the un-cared for…she touched lepors!” and my mom wisely said “you know who that is don’t you?”  And then the light went on and my soul was flooded with a new and profound love of my savior.  “It was Jesus!”  It was Jesus living through her.  It was Him- the greatest at compassion and love, the greatest at mercy and care.  He is who I want to be like- at my job, on the street, and on this missions trip.  “Lord let this trip not be about us and our glory.  I don’t want credit for leaving this life of comfort to serve you- how can I not go?  Your love compels us!  It is your love, dear Jesus that compels us.”

 Isn’t it incredible that Jesus loves us- messy humanity, like that?  I’m so thankful that I know this Jesus- and may all who read this blog come to know Him.  He is the only one who truly loves  (without reserve, with reckless abandon, all the time, in every way)….

to the ‘least’ of these we shall go with the love of our savior compelling us!

Some Pics from Mahadaga

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

After talking to Pastor Jim, our pastor at Home Church, about our missions trip to Burkina Faso, he decided to google the Medical Clinic in Mahadagatown we were going to – Mahadaga. He happened to come across a site from someone who had been on a missions trip to Mahadaga, probably with SIM. He posted a number of pictures, including pictures of the medical clinic, the terrain around the SIM compound, and the church. It was really cool to look at them, and I think it’s started to make the idea of the trip a little more real for me. I can actually picture a bit better where we may actually be going now. If you’d like to check them out yourself, go to his site here.

Another cool thing about this is the fact that the guy who posted these pictures, Scott Weaver, is a computer science professor from a college in the states. So, I’ve been able to e-mail him and find out his thoughts on what computer infrastructure and work is like over there. That’s been quite interesting, and helpful!

Missions Checklist

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Receive a ridiculous amount of immunizations    (check)
Get passports updated with current, (but still awkward looking) photos   (check)
Practice spelling Burkina Faso’s capital city (O-u-g-a-d-o-u-g-o-u)  (check)
Speak french while alone in the car  (check)


Oh boy, there are a thousand of other things on our checklist that we still haven’t gotten to before our missions trip, but at least we are on our way!! After sending out all our prayer letters we have been in the process of working out the agreement between SIM and Power to Change, and informing our Church about the impending trip.  Our pastor, wanting to renew our Church’s mission, was excited (praise the Lord) to have us preach at Church about missions. Pray it goes well!!!  We’re excited to share what we learned at the Perspectives course we took and inspire others to the call of missions.  We’ve been reading some books too such as “Jesus Says Go” sent to us by SIM and preparing for our orientation in the end of August. There are a lot of other books on our “to read” list for this trip including “Let the Nations be Glad” by Piper, “The Book that Transforms Nations” by Loren Cunningham and a book on the life of William Carey.  We’re not sure if we should save these intense reads for our trip or read them before- we’ll see how much time we get!!!

Needless to say- we have wills to write, support to raise, a house to pack, a car to lend out, and many other little details that will no doubt consume our lives until we leave in late October (Lord willing).

Please continue to pray for us that…

each of these steps will go smoothly

that my surgery (Shannon) in early September will go very well.

that in this last month of  my work I will be more courageous and bold to share Christ with my co-workers and patients!

We will continue to update this blog and send e-mail updates to those who would like them as well as written updates as time goes on.

With love
Shannon & Jason