So my first surgery is over!  (And I can’t sleep – hence the 5:40 entry).  It was yesterday at 3 pm which meant a lot of waiting, killing time, and hunger!  I had a major coffee withdrawal headache prior to the surgery!  But the centre was super nice and the staff great….the waiting room had huge leather chairs, pictures on the wall (looked more like an insurance office or something versus a surgical centre).  The nurse took me upstairs away from J around 3:30 where I had lots of questions asked, changed etc…then the surgeon popped in and wrote on the appropriate leg (good thing).  Another surgeon came in and left, then another nurse, then the anesthetist.  Finally they came to get me…how weird- walking into the surgical room and hearing “At last…..” (the song) “my looooove has, come along….my lonely days are over”  Interesting choice of music.  There was a flurry of activitiy- IV being poked into me, the other arm being strapped down and then “you’ll start to feel a bit drowsy.” I definitely felt loopy (would be a better word).  And then before long I was waking up in the recovery room.  Although “waking up” doesn’t really describe me for the rest of the evening. 

I was loopy and out of it for the next number of hours- as the nurse chatted away with me, as she got me dressed, when Jason came in, and when they loaded me in the car. So drowsy it was irritating- just couldn’t get my bearings.  Then at home I was like “forget it- I’m going to bed.”  Only slept for an hour and then I was not really able to sleep so got up, watched a bit of 24 (DVDs we got) and then back to bed at 9:30 only now to be awake since 3:30.

Had my first self-injection last night of anti-coag- went surprisingly well.  I can actually use crutches (way better than the injury last time where Jason had to carry my leg around for the first number of days) and had no nausea PRAISE GOD! 

However- my shin has this odd looking bruise and i have no sensation there (if you touch that area I can’t feel it!)  I have some good pain drugs and such, my husband around, my mom coming today and lots of movies.  I should be fine!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers!  All is well (so far) and I’m just glad to be done!!!


2 responses to “Surgery”

  1. Oh man… Craziness… Praying for ya… Though I think the worst part about this whole thing would be the self-injections… Gimmie the jibilies just thinking about it…

  2. Hey Shannon … I’m glad things went fairly smooth. Are you walking yet? How are the injections working out for you? I’d love an update sometime! 🙂