And we’re….off!

Finally!  Just about on our way.  We leave Monday afternoon- after a wonderful week with Jason’s family here in Ontario.  Lots of late night games and chatting, walks, fellowship, and just having fun. 
Ryan and Jason playing in the leaves with our nephew Kellon
Ryan and Jason playing in the leaves with our nephew Kellon
Shannon holding our new niece, Allie Grace Lincoln
Shannon holding our new niece, Allie Grace Lincoln
Shannon holding Jason's cousin Sheri's new baby
Shannon holding Jason's cousin Sheri's new baby

We were just reflecting today on some of the awesome stuff that God has done in all this preparation to go overseas.  We have pages and pages in our new “praise the Lord” notebook where we’re recording some of the answers to prayer (so we don’t forget)…and we just cannot believe how good God has been to us!  Wow.

It also kind of occurred to us just how odd it seems that we’ve prayed so much more over these preparation months when really, we need God just as much in our everyday lives in Canada as we do in Africa!  It’s just a different place!  Why do we not utterly depend on Him and continuously record God sightings in Canada when…we have just as little control over circumstances and are just as unable to depend on ourselves here?!  I pray all that what we learn over this trip floods into our lives back in Canada (that is, of course, if God wants us in Canada long term!)

Please continue to pray for us- especially as we travel on Monday- pray for safe travels, good health, and that our luggage comes along with us! 

We will miss you all!  Please keep in touch with us and let us know what’s new in YOUR lives also.  We have a mailing address there as well:

Jason and Shannon Brink
SIM Mahadaga
Burkina Faso
God bless!
S and J

4 responses to “And we’re….off!”

  1. Hey guys!

    How did I not know you had a blog?!?!? I’ve added it to my favourite pages, so I’ll be sure to check frequently and keep updated with the Brinks’ adventures.

    Many blessings and safe travels.

    Christina and Daniel

  2. Go in safety, for you cannot go where God is not.
    Go in love, for love alone endures.
    Go with purpose, & God will honor your endeavors.
    Go with peace, for it is the gift of God to those whose hearts & minds are in Christ Jesus.

  3. I have been following your story receltny on John’s page. Almost one year ago I lost my sweet baby boy at 11 months old. He like Sonia had a tough little life. There is nothing fair about this and there is nothing that anyone will be able to say that will even touch the imense pain you are feeling and will feel. I have always found peace in knowing he will no longer suffer and he will not have to go through a long tough journey. No child should see the pain our children have had to endure. Please know I am thinking of you and I am comforted in knowing Aaron will meet her in heaven. She is in a safe place now. If you need anything or just to talk to someone who knows what you are feeling, please don’t hesitate. When Aaron passed someone told me .Our children wear our tears like a nap sack in heaven .lighten her loadWith love,Krsitina