We’re Expecting!!

We are excited to announce that Shannon is expecting! Thanks be to God for how amazingly He has blessed us.

We first found out that Shannon was pregnant while we were traveling through Europe on our way back from Africa. That gave us the opportunity to announce the news to my (Jason’s) family in Ontario in person, since we stopped there on the way back. That was a lot of fun!

This past Tuesday, we had our first ultrasound, and were very thankful to see that the baby is developing well. It was so incredible to see the baby actually moving around, and to hear the baby’s heartbeat! I especially like this picture, because you can see 4 individual fingers and a thumb, as the baby is holding his/her hand just in front of their nose. It looked like the baby was waving to us!

If you want to read more about the baby news, including Shannon’s story of how we announced the news, and her take on our first ultrasound, check out the new blog she’s set up JUST for the baby: http://babyibrink.blogspot.com. She’ll be posting more pics and posts there as the months go along. Please pray that everything goes well as we progress towards her late-January due date.

One response to “We’re Expecting!!”

  1. We have enjoyed your updates, glad you’re back. Sounds like your life is full and soon getting fuller. Hope you are adjusting well to this life of extreme luxurey here back in Canada. I found this returning home culture shock most difficult to deal with after coming back from Africa. So any longer term plans for the future including more overseas missions? Its exciting to see your family growing! God sure gives abundent life!
    Chris Gytenbeek