6 months

So I’m 6 months today. I have to say I’m enjoying this time more than any other so far in pregnancy. Feeling baby kicking away, getting winded walking a few feet too fast, starting to buy baby ‘stuff.’ I’m getting excited now that some of the major hurdles are over…or so I think! I guess I’ll only get bigger and bigger from here! I like that people can actually TELL now that I’m pregnant. Although now people are asking to touch my belly, at first I was appalled! How weird of a question is that! But then I realized, ‘oh yeah, it IS cool to touch a pregnant woman’s belly.’ Hard to get used to though! Now ahead is just trying to pick out names. I basically have to stop running names past people. I’m tired of seeing people’s reactions to names I like. I figure they’re pretty normal names but then…I guess we all have our opinions. I guess the name will stay a secret until the end! (especially since we haven’t a clue what to call him!) I’m willing to take suggestions though…

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  1. i do love these hilly, country roads! i’m jelaous because i’ve had so little time to explore this fall and our leaves are disappearing fast! guess there’s always next year though, right? ;o)