Third trimester here I come!

Yup- here’s the belly, growing bigger and bigger!
I love this part of pregnancy….and here are some of the reasons why:
-baby is wiggling, jumping, moving, hiccuping all the time (feels funny!)
-If I groan while attempting to tie my shoes, Jason will tie them for me
-I get back rubs often
-I have a good excuse to use 5 pillows at night
-Playing with my bellybutton is acceptable considering it’s size
-I can still see my toes
-I get short of breath walking up a hill (which is kind of funny actually)
-3 more months and I get to hold my son!
…can’t wait…

One response to “Third trimester here I come!”

  1. Hey Jeanie remember the car ride where we ate a tube of pnegrlis in one go (took all of about 10 mins) and then whinged for the rest of the trip about how sick we felt? I think we were going down the coast.Or the trip back from Mudfest where the car broke down. Me pushing your station wagon around the roundabout late at night – puts a smile on my face. When can you move paradise closer to hell down here so we can have more of the same?Sorry to hear about the mingranes – sounds like that cure for stress still hasn’t been found. Though am glad to hear that the family is well. Say hi to them for me.