The Preparations Continue

My co-worker (who is also named Jason) and his wife just had their baby this morning. We’ve been comparing notes now and then over the last few months, since their due date was only a month before ours. So, the fact that their baby has arrived (although 2 and a half weeks early) has really started to make me think – there’s not much time till our baby arrives too!

I mean, we have most things ready:

  • Crib – check
  • Stroller – check
  • Car seat – check
  • Change table – check
  • Rocking chair – on the way
  • Baby clothes – check and check! (but then, I hear they need lots!)
But, we’ve still got a few things we’re trying to get ready:
  • Bag to take to the hospital
  • New car to replace our 2-door hatchback (if we can afford it)
  • Ordering our “how to be a parent” manual – anyone know where to find one?
  • Sleep deprivation training
  • A heaping helping of patience, grace, and light-hearted attitude
Judging by the fun I’ve had recently hanging out with some other people’s kids recently, I’m sure I will totally love having a baby – at least most of the time. May God give me grace for the rest!
Hanging out with Jeff and Ashlees son Nate
Hanging out with Jeff and Ashlees son Nate

One response to “The Preparations Continue”

  1. Hey Jason! Great list – we actually brought a carry-on luggage for the hospital so you don’t really need a new bag. As for “how to be a parent” manual, I think the best one is experience! Like a friend said to me, “You will think you are ready, but you won’t be” – I think it just a faith adventure and trusting the Lord for parenting skills. Besides, you and Shannon are great people and I think that is best pre-requisite you need!

    As for the sleep deprivation – I never heard that there was something available for that. Currently, Deb is on mat leave so she wakes up ever 2-3 hours at night for feeding and I try to help when I can, but usually get 5-6 hours. Have fun!