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  • More Europe Pictures!

    Part 2: Part 3:

  • BC / AB / WA Camping Trip

    Back at the end of June, my sisters Cheryl and Karen flew out to BC to visit Shannon and I. After touring around Vancouver a bit, we drove to Kelowna, then on to Banff National Park where we met up with Chad and Mel. After transferring Cheryl and Karen to them, Shannon and I continued […]

  • Shannon’s Knee MRI

    I finally am getting a chance to post the MRI picture of Shannon’s knee, in case any of you wanted to see it. First, though, here’s a link to a site that shows an MRI of a normal ACL ligament. As you can see, the ACL goes diagonally from the lower left to upper right. […]

  • Perspectives on Missions

    Shannon and I have been in classes all this week. We’re taking a course called “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” ( which is taught all over the place. It gives biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic perspectives on missions, and it’s fantastic. The course started for us about a month ago when we signed up. […]

  • New toys for summer

    Guess what we got today?   They’re sleek and fast…    New bikes! We’ve been wanting to get new bikes for a while, since it’s one of our favorite ways to exercise and explore. We’re hoping to enjoy some long bike rides this summer!  

  • Trip to Comox

    Oh, how I enjoy time to get away from the regular routine, to relax, reflect, and hang out with people! Shannon and I needed some time like that, so we planned a trip over to Vancouver Island from Feb 29 to March 3rd. We stayed with Chris and Judy Gytenbeek and their 4 kids, who […]

  • Pictures of our (semi) new place

    We moved to a new place in Surrey in September, and finally got a chance to post some pictures. I put them in a web album rather than inline in this post – click here to view them.

  • My New Camera!

    When I was a kid, there was one birthday where I got a new remote control truck. That stands out as one of the times I was most excited about a present. Well, this past birthday rivals that one. Shannon secretly talked to a bunch of friends and family, and asked them to contibute towards […]

  • Shannon’s Graduated!

    Shannon had her graduation ceremony from UBC nursing on Nov 21st. She has put a TON of work into this, and so it was pretty exciting to see her finally graduate. She’s only the second person that we know of in her mom or dad’s family to graduate from university (her uncle is the other […]