Category: Life

  • Gurggler Extraordinaire

    Silas just loves this form of communication, and he’s pretty good at it!

  • Silas’ belly laugh

    Silas has just recently started really laughing, and this afternoon, Shannon got him going good!

  • Silas gets tossed

    Shannon tried tossing Silas up in the air the other day, and he loved it! You can hear his laugh, too, which he’s just started recently.

  • Planting our garden

    We got a plot in the nearby community garden, so were quite excited to start planting some things in it. We’re trying green onions, garlic, carrots, purple carrots, broccoli, red peppers, green peppers, spinach, and mini tomatoes. We were supposed to start the tomatoes and peppers indoors a few weeks ago and then transplant them,…

  • Silas trying out various noises

    Silas is starting to make all sorts of fun noises, like cooing, screeching, squawking, etc. It’s great fun to watch, and to try talking to him and seeing him respond! When he’s in a good mood (especially after feeding, and often while lying on his change table, as he is here), he can be quite…

  • Silas’ first attempt in the jolly jumper

    Silas is a pretty active little boy, so we decided to try putting him in the jolly jumper when he was only 2 1/2 months old. He’s still working on the head support, and you can see he’s a little wobbly in the video (we made sure to be close by so we could catch…

  • Video of baby Silas

    In the first few weeks after Silas was born, I put together a few video clips we had taken. Welcome to our family, Silas!

  • Life without hubby

    This week Jason goes away for 4 days for a work conference. WHAT WILL I DO? Oh boy. Makes me think a lot about single parents. How do they do it? It’s so nice to have someone else around to hold Silas for a bit so I can get things done, or just gi…

  • Silas at 2months!

    So what does a two month old DO? Silas started smiling a number of weeks ago and smiles when I sing to him, or when Jason or I talk to him. I call his change table his ‘happy place’ because almost immediately after I place him there he starts smiling …

  • Appreciation

    I’m smiling a lot today. Something about a starbucks coffee in hand, a bit of freedom, and some beautiful cherry blossom trees….Parenting so far has given me a new appreciation for things, of which I am reflecting on today. Such as:sleep. The sun …